Mark welcomes the opportunity to create commissioned works.  Below are just some of the commissions he has completed over the years.

Commissioning a work is a very personal undertaking, both for the client and for the artist.  From concept to completion, Mark works closely with his clients to bring an idea to reality.  This cooperative effort involves understanding the expectations and vision of the client.  Often the client is asked to provide photographs of a favorite pet or inspiring subject, as well as the proposed location of the final sculpture for purposes of scale.  Once discussed, this idea begins to take shape in the form of a drawing.  The drawing may take several attempts and, once approved by the client, work is then ready to begin on the actual sculpture.  While each project is unique in it's own right, Mark's goal is for this entire process to be as easy as possible for his clients.

Please do not hesitate to contact Mark with any questions you may have.