Artist's Statement

Early American folk art sculpture, and the passionate spirit with which the very best of it was made, form the foundation of my work. These bold, direct and naive expressions of day-to-day themes, with patinas created from time and weather inspire my own contemporary works. The finest folk art is unexpected, simple and a perfect balance of surface and form; this is the harmony that I seek to create in my own sculptures. My goal is simply to create unique works that reflect the emotional spirit of the most impressive antique folk art masterpieces; heirloom works of art that will find a place of their own in today’s contemporary world and that will continue to be appreciated from one generation to the next.

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About me...

I began my artistic career on Nantucket Island, my home for more than twenty years.  A chance meeting with a sculptor there created a spark of curiosity and wonder that continues to burn today, three decades later.

My first works were inspired by 19th century scrimshaw carvings. Once the whaling capital of the world, Nantucket has a rich heritage in the creative arts and crafts. Self-taught, I learned my craft through recreating a number of antique folk masterpieces, the first of which sold immediately.  

Today I continue to carve sculptures with an eye to the past. Often the label 'sophisticated folk art' is suggested upon seeing my work for the first time.  While this may well hold true, it is my hope that many of these works transcend their 'folk art' quality and prove to be simply contemporary works of art made with the heart and spirit often associated with historical pieces.

I have had the opportunity to exhibit my sculptures in some of the top shows in the country, including the Smithsonian Craft Show in Washington, DC, the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show and the Architectural Digest Show in New York City, where I exhibited each March for 10 years.

Continuing my love of the seashore, I now live in Westerly, Rhode Island.  Historic Mystic Seaport and Stonington Borough, Connecticut are nearby and beautiful Watch Hill is just a short jaunt down the road from my studio, where I welcome visitors with some advance notice.